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Change can raise many infinite emotions within one’s soul. Good, bad, scary, exciting, the list is endless. The only guarantee is change is an absolute guarantee in any aspect of our ride on the “The great roller coaster of life”. Within my own journey of this crazy ride of life, I have some comfort in constant transformation of love I can put into my products to share share with you all and find creative, yet financially logical ways to broaden my customer base. So What’s new?, you ask? I made a slight improvement to our labels. I feel they are not as “busy” looking as the old look. Labels will always need a good refresh from time to tome to keep up with the times. A never ending process to keep the “eye” of the customer looking in the basket of temptation.




ANYBODY NOTICE THIS? You can find it on the front page of our website . You can now leave your comments and reviews! We want to hear from you and your experience with us and if you enjoyed our products you received! We can’t wait to hear from you! We appreciate you supporting small businesses and we just Love to share our skin loving products with you! THANK YOU!!



OK, OK, Now for some not so great news. Starting March 1, 2021, we have decided to start a flat shipping rate with each order. Shipping eats much of the cost. In the past, we have been able to balance that out by attending craft shows but with the "world gone crazy" thing going on- That has been very limited with very poor attendance of shoppers, This also was cost eating. We have decided to charge a $8.00 flat rate shipping fee. Free shipping will be in-placed after you spend $45.00 or more. For buyers who do local pick up, there will be a FREE LOCAL PICK-UP to choose from so you are not charged for shipping. Please message first for local pick-up or delivery to make arrangements. I hate to do this but as I try to keep cost at a bare minimum, the budget balloon had to burst somewhere. I feel this is the most fair cost affect for everyone.


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