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Luxury Lip Balms...

What makes these simple lip balms so luxurious you ask? Well, quit simply is just that, simple wholesome ingredients that give soothing protection in any climate- Most commercial lip balms can contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These ingredients draw moisture away from the lips. Some lip balm even contain alcohol. I’m sure you are all aware how drying that could be! Most do this to leave you wanting or needing more chappy on the lips to stay comfortable- Great ploy for the maker, not so good for the buyer! Our lip balms contain awesome ingredients like lanolin- YES!, this is oil from the sheeps wool, the very lanolin that deeply protects the sheeps wool and skin is also a superior hydrating oil that softens and protects our skin! Along with the super oils of coconut, cocoa, avocado, almond, and vitamin E oils, and beeswax to bring it all together, This makes the perfect balmy oasis for any set of lips! Our lip balms fly off the shelf almost as fast as we can make them so be sure to order your favorites. I appreciate all who have ordered and keep on ordering! You folks are awesome!


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