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What is SLSA?

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the label and wondered, "What the heck is this SLSA?" Well, here is the answer! SLSA is an abbreviation for sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, which is also its' botanical name. That's right folks, it's an all natural product! This ingredient is derived from coconut and palm oils. Not to get side tracked, but for all you folks who are worried about using palm oil products, my supplier is a member of the RSPO, (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) It's also completely safe on the skin! Why do we use it? This is what makes all those awesome bubbles! Yup, it's a bubble maker, and a good one too. It also helps remove dirt and bacteria without drying or irritating even the most sensitive skin. Awesome, right? So next time you purchase a product with SLSA on the label, you know you will be having a bubbly good time!

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