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Bath bombs are an amazing get away without leaving our house!  Soaking up the scented oils will leave your skin feeling luxgiously calm and relaxed. These do not stay in stock long so grab some for yourself while available!

Instructions- fill your tub than plop one in and watch it fizz and feel the luxury! Use product within a few months of purchase as they are fragile to soaking up the moisture to the enviroment and pre-fizzing out. Store in air tight container in cool dry area for maximum life. We shrink wrap this product to keep maximim usage and safe travels when delivered. Can "make to order" for large quanties as we like to ensure freshness of fizz. Please message before ordering large quanities of  orders as these orders may take longer to ship out.

Ingredients; baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, arrowroot , Epsom salt, grapeseed  oil, SLSA, fragrance, witch hazel, borax


  • There are no returns for these products. Please contact us with any questions or issues.

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