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The clean and uplifting crisp scent of lemon zest. Leaving your skin feel fresh and clean. Each bar is hand cut to approximately 5oz.

    For this scent we also have a VERY limited supply of mold formed, very cute fairy on the mushroom, each bar approximately 5oz. Also  two different "set of 3 soap" to choose from, #1 set contains a moon, sun, and tree. #2 set contains a heart, dolphin, and a butterfly. Each of these bars are approximately 4oz. These make great gifts and will not last long! Get yours while in stock! To extend the life of your soap bar, place on soap dish between each use.

Ingredients- Lard, coconut oil, goat milk, avocado oil,sodium hydroxide, essential oils, grape seed oil, coconut milk, castor oil, aloe, lanolin, sodium lactate, mica

Lemon Zest

  • There are no returns for these products. Please contact us with any questions or issues.

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